If I click on Certificate->Select there are no Certificates to choose. Why?
To sign files, you will need to own a AuthentiCode-Certificate, containg the Policy '' (Code Signing). Additionally you need to import your certificate to system's Certification Store.

How do I import my certificate into the Certification Store
By default, your certificate is a .pfx or .p12 file. You can just double click on the file, then the Import-Wizard will be shown.
If you like to see your current certificates, press CMD+R, type 'certmgr.msc' and hit enter.

Do you recommend a CA for getting a cheap Certificate?
There are a bunch of CAs out there to get a certificate from. I'd recommend to stick with StartSSL, they are the cheapest and offer the ability to create wildcard SSL-Certificates for free as well.
If you need further information on this, please visit my blog entry (german) about this.

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