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What is SignToolUI?

This Application is attended to help developers easily sign assemblies or compatible files for AuthentiCode-Certificates. It requires SignTool.exe from Windows SDK.


Current version (1.0)
  • Signing Applications or Libraries using an installed certificate
  • Timestamping using Timestampprovider
    • VeriSign
    • Comodo
    • StartCom
    • GlobalSign
    • Starfield Tech

Features planned for further releases
  • Adding Shell Context Menu Support
  • Better UI
  • Signing multiple files at once
  • Better output from signtool.exe (i.e. console window)

How to install?

Just download the archive from the Downloads-Section. Unzip it and double click the Application. That's all.


Please check the documention for FAQs. If they don't help you, please feel free to contact me.

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